New Design: Release of Mila 3.0

Launch of the new design 3.0

Mila 3.0 Redesign Launch Homepage

Today is a big day for the Mila team. We are proud to announce, that our new design is online. Since the launch of the first version of Mila in March 2013 and continuous adjustments over the past months, it was time to do some inventory and revise the design concept. Our web development team created a protoype, which has been reviewed and tested by independend users every step of the way to get the best possible experience and results with Mila 3.0. As change is the only constant thing, we learned from the feedback and from previous design cycles and are very happy that the new version of
Mila 3.0 is online!

Agile implementation

As a start-up we benefit from the great advantage of power and agility to respond very fast to the latest trends and align the development to the expectations of our users.

Andreas Hauri, our CTO about the concept of the new design in a nutshell:

“It’s all about fast and efficient finding of relevant services. We have been working with our developers and usability experts from Ginetta to create the best solution for the navigation on the home page.”

Efficient results and more clarity

Every redesign focuses on clarity and usability. The main idea was to optimize the home page for the first time visitor and display all relevant information at a glance.

Main categories at a glance

The header leads directly to our main service categories. The profile and service detail pages have become cleaner and provide a quick overview of latest user reviews. One of the biggest new features is the simplified user interface in the new check-out and payment process.

Mila 3.0 Redesign Launch Homepage Full Screen

Mila 3.0 Redesign Launch Service Page

Mila 3.0 Redesign Launch Detail Page

New design and new technology

New design in the front, renewed technology in the backend. For all IT nerds, this means that the maintainability was increased and the development of future features will be faster. In addition, the website has been optimized for faster loading and better visibility.

We spoke with Michael Weibel, the project manager of the redesign about the release of Mila 3.0:

“The new design is online! We finished a big project and I’m looking forward to the user feedback. We have done a great job, but part of the work is still ahead of us as some pages haven’t been converted yet. All in all it was was a great team work and I’d like to thank everyone for the professional performance and for the fast implementation.”

How do you like the new design of Mila? Share your first impressions of the new design with us! In addition to the redesign of our website, we are continuously working on the development of Mila. Stay tuned and be curious for further news.

Your Mila Team

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