Sharing Economy Business News Roundup: From Copycats to the Purest Vision

Welcome to the first post of the “Sharing Economy Business News Roundup”, that will keep an eye out on interesting articles discussing the business of the sharing economy and collaborative consumption. We’ll be curating the best links we find with a special focus on articles that examine the business models emerging from this space.

For this week, we see that the sharing economy has reached a “tipping point” in this New York Times article, that describes the launch of hundreds of start-ups hoping to be the new Uber or the new Airbnb of their space.



We also see just what a big business collaborative consumption might turn out to be. New York Magazine looks into the future and makes a case for why Uber could one day be more valuable than Facebook.


And just to show that Uber’s model is working, ValleyWag has a story on their “leaked” financials and number of ride requests.


As more companies jump on the “sharing economy” trend, and as the pioneer start ups of the space become more corporate, here’s an interesting question: how narrowly should the “sharing economy” be defined, and does it matter how “pure” a sharing economy start-up’s business model is? AllthingsD’s Liz Gannes takes a look at European ride-sharing start up “BlaBlaBlaCar,” or the “purest” of the sharing economy start ups.


Interesting is also a story in Wired about how the sharing economy is going corporate, facilitated by Silicon Valley social media maven and consultant Jeremiah Owyang who’s launched a new company to advise corporates and brands on how to take advantage of sharing economy principles.


Of course, our recent partnership with Swisscom, to help provide them with a marketplace of IT support, is a perfect example of how a corporation – in this case Switzerland’s largest telecoms provider — can harness the power of the sharing economy, help their customers, and help fuel the local economy. You can read more on that partnership in an interview with our CEO Manuel and Swisscom Head of Residential Marc Werner here:


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