How Retailers Can Ensure On-Demand Service During Easter Holiday

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While the Easter bunny may be working overtime this weekend, not many others are. Most stores are closed, and most people are spending quality time with their chocolate. Oh, and family. However, just because people are relaxing does not mean they’re not buying, and it certainly doesn’t mean they’re not using.

Easter may not be the massive spending holiday that Christmas is, but it’s a holiday nonetheless. And what do people do during holidays? They cook, and watch movies, and host guests, and listen to music, and online shop for holiday deals – and they do this a whole lot – which means that the home needs to be functioning perfectly, in all of its smart-glory.

So, how can retailers cope with this excessive use of home products (which inevitably means a large need for customer service) when the majority of their employees – if not all of their employees – are also at home using their own speakers and televisions and stoves?

With crowd service.

Imagine this: one of your customers is finishing up Easter dinner. The whole family is there – grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews – gathered around the table, finishing up dessert. They all know what’s coming next because it’s tradition: every year the family watches an Easter movie together. The host has a beautiful entertainment center. So, everyone makes their way to the living room and finds a comfortable seat. Someone picks up the remote, everyone agrees on a film, and…the sound doesn’t work.

Everyone assumes it’s a lost cause. But the homeowner knows better. They pick up their phone and make a service call or send a message. And your company, with its local crowd service, has someone so close by that making a home visit is like visiting a neighbor. You’ve saved the day.

What makes crowd service so reliable is that your workforce is sprawling and, therefore, ensures that your customers have local, reliable, and quick technicians nearby – even during the holidays. With such a massive workforce, one (if not more) of these freelance technicians is bound to respond to your customer’s service call no matter the time of day or year.

Keeping up with on-demand needs during the holidays seem nearly impossible without such a workforce. Crowd service is reliable. Technicians are like having a knowledgeable, tech-savvy, and friendly neighbor who likes you enough to answer your every call.

Save money, too.

This weekend, people will be spending time at home, so product usage will rise. By pairing of with a crowd service company, like Mila, you can offer your customers on-demand holiday service with no typical holiday wait times, and no holiday wage and inevitable overtime payouts to employees. This not only saves money, but makes money by reaching a larger amount of customer’s needs over the course of one day.

Everyone’s happy. Happy Easter.

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