On Demand Crowd Service

The Work Perks of Being Part of an On-Demand Service Crowd

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Many of us have taken part in crowdsourced service. Whether it was a ride from Uber, a task completed from TaskRabbit, or a food delivery from Foodora, receiving service from a crowd member has become a normal part of the weekly routines for many people. In America alone, according to Pew Research Center, 72% of people have used some type of on-demand online service. And in our survey of Swisscom Friends crowdsourced service, we found  that 92% of our customers would recommend crowd service. But have you ever considered the people on the other side of this type of service? The on-demand service crowd that provides services? 

In case you haven’t heard, the 9-to-5 job is falling out of favor. Workers are demanding shorter work weeks and are asking for remote or flexible work. So what type of jobs will replace the traditional 9-to-5?

Well, for those who want it, becoming a part of the on-demand service crowd is an option. And aside from being ahead of the curve, there are many work perks when joining the crowd.  

Schedule Flexibility

Perhaps the biggest perk when working as part of an on-demand service crowd is schedule flexibility. For many workers, having a flexible schedule means having freedom. No longer do you have to be stuck in an office for the same eight hours all day, every day. With crowd services like Mila Friends, members of the crowd make their own schedule and set their own hours. Working when, and if, they’d like. On top of this, service crowd members can work as much or as little as they want each week.

Pursue Other Goals and Interests

As part of an on-demand service crowd, working more than one job is actually feasible. When working a more traditional job, it may be difficult to find the time to pursue other goals and interests. A traditional company may require you to give all of your time and energy, leaving nothing for your other pursuits. The magic of the schedule flexibility that being part of an on-demand service crowd allows you is that whether you’re an actor, a stay-at-home parent, or a student, you can still earn an income while fitting your other priorities easily into your week.

Make Extra Money

Being a part of a service crowd means making extra money. Maybe you already have a part-time job or other gig economy work lined up, but you’d like to supplement your income. Or maybe you’ve been recently laid off and need to make some money until you find a new job. Being a crowd member can help you fill in that gap. Or maybe you’d just like to have extra finances for your savings for an emergency or to buy family members nice Christmas presents. Since members of the crowd can make their own schedule and work as much or as little they’d like, it also means the amount of money they make is up to them. And that option is a great perk to have.

Be Part of a Community

Another perk of joining an on-demand service crowd, means that you’re part of a trained and vetted group of individuals. Whether your specialty is smarthome tech, smartphones, televisions, or Wi-Fi networks, as part of the crowd you’re considered an expert on the service you specialize in. At Mila, we organize events for our Friends to come together, meet us and each other, and also share knowledge on how to best be of service to customers. Mila Friends are valued members of not just the service crowd, but also the service community. When you’re part of a crowd community, you can be more than just part of a team.

Do Something Different Everyday

Sometimes, traditional jobs can get boring. You do the same thing day after day: stacking boxes, filing paperwork, answering phones. But as part of a service crowd each day will be different. As a Mila Friend, depending on your expertise, one day you may have an entertainment center installation and another day you might be helping someone with their iPhone. Your tasks, gigs, and assignments will vary, and so will the customers you help. Since service is local, you’ll get to travel around to different parts of town helping different people with different things. It’s much harder to get bored when your work varies. Stay excited about your work by joining the crowd and doing something different everyday.

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