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Conrad Friends: Techies Next-Door Helping With Installations

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Today Mila announced a new partnership with Conrad, the leading online electronics shop in Europe. Conrad has tapped into the collaborative economy to provide its customer on-demand tech support after the purchase a product. Conrad Friends will be able to help customers with repairs and installations of electronics such as smart home products, WLAN networks, or home entertainment systems.

We’ve all done it before…purchased a cool, new tech item online. Maybe it was the fastest wireless router that was advertised for a great price. After the purchase was delivered, we opened the box and struggled with how to get it up and working with our other gadgets that need to be connected to it. Often times, this process could mean hours spent on the phone with a customer service agent trying to help or waiting weeks for an available appointment to have a technician come out and install it.  

Well, for customers of Conrad, this doesn’t have to happen anymore.

Techies In The Neighborhood Can Be Booked Easily

Conrad customers can already request service and book Conrad Friends. Conrad Friends are “techies” who are knowledgeable about all kinds of devices. Even better, they are neighborhood locals, meaning the on-site service they provide is faster than traditional service methods. Conrad Friends are available for service on-demand immediately even on the weekends or in the evenings.

“To this end, the Conrad site takes the customer to Mila, where he can choose the right service package,” says Christian Viatte, CEO at Mila. “Subsequently, Mila creates a service call and the request is distributed to qualified Conrad Friends nearby.”

Anyone who’d like to sign up to become a Conrad Friend and provide service can do so as well. Expert problem solvers who are already participating in Conrad’s online community, can make some extra money while giving customers on-site service.

Conrad Friends Are Vetted

To put customers at ease, Mila does an extensive background and verification check to ensure the Conrad Friends are qualified to help. Each Friend is certified for knowledge in certain types of products and services.

The service will be initially available in Berlin and Munich, with other cities to follow.

Conrad is a leading European online shop where over 16 million customers purchase tech equipment and electronic gadgets at great prices. Mila is a crowd service platform that provides on-site technical services, which can be ordered up as easily as you’d order a Pizza.  

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