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Mila Included in Collaborative Economy Honeycomb 3.0

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Mila has been added to the latest version of Jeremiah Owyang’s collaborative economy Honeycomb (which can be viewed in its entirety at the Web Strategist). Since Mila helps expand brands’ service offerings through crowdsourced service that’s available anytime, anywhere, Mila is located under the Corporations and Organizations category and in the Platforms subcategory within the chart.

The Honeycomb framework is designed to function as a “market map” that shows how various industries, including Wellness & Beauty, Utilities, and Services can partner with startups to obtain advantages from the collaborative economy. The sharing economy is all about crowd members helping each other and finding the things they need and want from each other instead of traditional corporations.

In order to fill the 280 spots in the Honeycomb 3.0, the Owyang and his team reviewed over 460 startups based on the splash those startups have made in the collaborative economy since the Honeycomb 2.0 was published in 2014. More international startups, well-funded startups, and rising startups that have made an impact over the last 14 months were included in this new version.

Each company was individually analyzed to determine if it met the Web Strategist’s sharing economy criteria and was relevant to the market. The location and function of the startup was also taken into consideration. The resulting Honeycomb includes the “A-List” companies in the collaborative economy world. Given that honeycombs are one of the most familiar collaborations in nature, the Honeycomb 3.0 demonstrates the interconnectedness and strength of sharing allowing others access to resources.

Compared to Honeycomb 2.0, this version includes new categories and subcategories, including four new sections, along with omissions of startups that have folded or been sold in the past year. There are also new categories such as Reputation and Data, Mobility Services, and Worker Support, for a total of sixteen categories.

For more information, the Honeycomb 3.0 can be downloaded here, and it’s also possible to create your own Honeycomb based on your region or industry.

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