Swisscom Survey Shows: Customers Love Crowd Service

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On the basis of a survey conducted by Swiss telecom provider Swisscom, Mila has released an infographic that uncovers interesting average customer profiles and shows how customers are using the crowd service platform.

To better understand how customers are using Mila’s crowdsourced service, telecom provider Swisscom conducted a survey amongst customers using Swisscom Friends.

Swisscom Friends was launched by Mila and Swisscom in late 2013 as an additional offline tech support channel where customers help other customers at a time and place that is convenient for them.

Here are the key findings of the survey:

The Average Customer Is Male And 66 Years Old

Though it may seem likely that women would be the biggest users of crowd support for technical issues, men make up 56% of our users, which makes them over half of the people that request help from Swisscom Friends. And while 38% of users are under the age of 60 and 13% are single, the average age of a Mila user is 66, revealing that seniors are a group to be seriously considered and catered to in the sharing economy.


Customers Lack Technical Skills

Since technical products become more complex and have many different uses and functions, there are a wide range of reasons customers come to Mila for support. The top three items customers need help with are computers, the Internet, and TVs.

And the main reason these users seek out help from the crowd is that they do not have the technical skills to fix the issues themselves, said 28% of users surveyed. Rounding out the top three reasons was that they like the value for money and like the idea of getting customer support at home.


Customers Would Recommend Crowd Service

A staggering 92% of users who’d previously booked a Swisscom Friend say they would book again and 92% of all customers would recommend the crowd service. Customer loyalty is also strong as 70% remain loyal to the Friend they used previously. It’s clear that receiving service at home, at a convenient time makes customers happy and stay loyal.


Customer Service Integration

It’s also important to note that Swisscom integrates Swisscom Friends as an additional support channel, with 44% of users having been referred to Swisscom Friends by a member of Swisscom’s customer service team. Though some customers come via other means such as traditional advertising online (16%) or through paper flyers (13%), the vast majority come from Swisscom itself. Therefore, it’s clear that integration in the existing customer service channels is key to successfully launching and implementing crowd service.



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