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Top 4 Benefits of Crowd Customer Service

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Large Crowd

Crowd customer service is one of the fastest growing sectors in customer service. And it makes sense. Many companies use automation on their phone lines and websites to filter and reduce the number of customers that call center agents have to manage. However, crowdsourced service offers customer happiness by helping your customers solve their problems at home.

Here are a few reasons why crowd customer service makes a great addition to your business’ customer service strategy:

It’s Cheaper

So you’ve got a call center full of agents who answer customer inquiries, but what if you could expand this pool? Crowd customer service helps reduce the number of inquiries to call centers since customers will be able to ask simpler questions, get personal help and explanations of how to use equipment from the crowd. Contacting the company call center is then reserved to problems that need to be escalated. This reduces the costs of operations because certain requests can be passed on to the crowd, eliminating the need to budget for hiring more agents, and minimizing call center agents workloads and overtime hours, freeing them up to work on more complex issues.

With a crowdsourced service like Swisscom Friends, a local member of the crowd can come set up an all-in-one package like Vivo for customers who can’t be bothered to set it up themselves and prevent customers from calling customer service with problems during the set-up process.

It’s More Convenient

Crowd customer support is more convenient for your customers since the crowd can be available even when your call center is not. By using certain platforms like Mila, customers and the crowd can make their own service appointment arrangements, leaving the company’s hands free.

Furthermore, in-person appointments can be scheduled during your company’s off hours, including nights and weekends. For customers who work traditional schedules during the week, being able to get help on the weekend means, not having to take a day off from work to wait for a cable guy to come install Wi-Fi, for example.

Since technology enables the crowd to be managed online, work can be assigned via digital channels making it easy for businesses to handle customer issues. And the crowd can help customers wherever they’d like location-wise, whether at home or in another preferred location.

Better Customer Experience

Creating a memorable, positive customer experience is essential for businesses today. Given that your crowd support team will be made up of your most passionate and expert users, customers will experience another level of customer service that can be as outstanding as the service your brand is known for. Crowdsourced service also creates a unique, rewarding, and personalized experience for the customers who need help. Whereas call center agents workloads can be based on a first-come, first-served model, when customers have problems, smart crowd support allows these customers to be matched to members of the crowd who are experts equipped with skills to solve that particular problem.

A Reliable Backup Team Member

In sports, team owners often acquire players that are stars in their own right, who can make the team’s existing star shine brighter, while also boosting the team to more wins. View crowdsourced service as the Scottie Pippen to Michael Jordan or the Robin to Batman of your customer service strategy. Crowdsourced support strengthens your customer service offerings as a whole, while freeing up your representatives to deal with more challenging issues. Adding crowd service to your offerings, gives you a deeper bench of customer service players who can give your customers personal, flexible, and local service.

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