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These Customer Service Stories Will Make You Cry

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Beyond answering questions about product or services, providing customer service and creating a great customer experience often means connecting to customers on a human level. Customer service representatives who solved customer problems from a place of compassion are what make the following stories that much more touching.

Target and the Tie

What this Target team member did for a boy who walked into the Target store all dressed for his first interview, but needing a clip-on tie goes above and beyond customer support.

Since the team member who initially approached to help the boy knew that they didn’t have clip-on ties, she encouraged him to buy a regular tie. But he didn’t know how to tie a regular tie, so she brought over a male team member and asked him if he knew how to tie one. He did.

He proceeded to open the box, tie the tie around his own neck, and put it on the boy. He then tightened it, fixing the boy’s buttons and collar so he was all dressed. The Target employees then took it even a step further and gave the boy job interview tips.  On his way out of the store, other employees wished him good luck on the interview. These customer service reps were kind and encouraging, and took the time to make sure this boy was well taken care of. Even better, the photo was snapped by another customer who shared it on social media, spreading the word of Target’s individualized service that gives new meaning to the phrase customer care. A true act of kindness.

Warby Parker’s Personal Touch

Sometimes great customer service starts at the top. When Anjali Kumar a senior executive at the eyewear company Warby Parker was riding a commuter train and saw a fellow passenger and Warby Parker customer forget his eyeglasses on the train, she did something many executives might not do.

The customer went online and purchased an order of the same exact pair the very next day. To his surprise, he received a package that included two pairs of the eyeglasses he ordered, the novel “On the Road,” and a note from Kumar explaining that she’d found his glasses on the train, and since she enjoys a good mystery, she used social media to figure out who he was, so she could send him the new pair and his old pair fitted with new lenses (she noticed the old ones were scratched.)

KLM’s Sweet Goodbye

Delivering a great customer experience is a high priority for many businesses. KLM decided to take that up a notch and ensure that their passengers had a memorable experience by allowing the loved ones they were leaving behind to write messages to them that would be pasted onto the passengers’ plane seats. You won’t believe how moved these customers were to be greeted by these surprise handwritten send-off notes from their loved ones.


Trader Joe’s Delivers

When an elderly man was snowed in at his home around Christmas time one year, his worried daughter called several grocery stores to see if they offered delivery so she could buy him enough food to get through the storm. Though she was told by all of the stores, including Trader Joe’s, that they didn’t deliver, the Trader Joe’s customer service associates said they’d make an exception. They would deliver the groceries directly to her father’s door. The team members got all of the items on her list and even added in items that would fit in with her father’s special dietary needs. When the order was finished, they added one more special thing, they would deliver the groceries free of charge. An extra special gift for the holidays.

TD Bank’s “Thank You”

Sometimes providing great customer service means rewarding customer loyalty and letting customers know you appreciate their business. That’s why TD Bank came up with a campaign to surprise customers with individualized thank you gifts. It’s incredible to see how happy this “ATM” made these unsuspecting customers.

Southwest Airlines Support

When the grandson of a Southwest Airlines frequent flyer was beaten to death by his mother’s boyfriend, the boy’s grandparents called the airline to get him an emergency flight from LA to Denver to be with their daughter when the boy would be taken off life support the following night. Due to LA traffic and airport security, the man knew he’d miss his flight. He was on the verge of tears because none of airport security seemed to care about getting him through faster, leaving him to run through the airport without even putting his shoes back on to try and make it to the gate in time.

To his surprise, when he arrived at the gate 12 minutes after departure time, the pilot of the airplane was standing there waiting for him. The pilot said, “We held the plane for you and we’re so sorry about the loss of your grandson.” And when the man proceeded to thank him, the pilot responded, “They can’t go anywhere without me and I wasn’t going anywhere without you. Now relax. We’ll get you there. And again, I’m so sorry.” Now that’s customer care.

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