The Mila Formula: from Marketplace to Realtime Service

The Mila Story began in 2013 with a simple question: what if there was a single marketplace where users could book a wide variety of local services? Manuel Grenacher, an enthusiastic entrepreneur from Switzerland, was sick of running around from place to place looking for people to help him put together furniture or install a printer.

Before, he had already successfully started the software field service company Coresystems. With Coresystems solutions, large service companies can reliably and easily coordinate their offerings with the consumers. As a spinoff of Coresystems, the new Mila market was designed to help private individuals with various tasks—locally, quickly, and easily.

Swisscom Friends: Realtime Service

Now it’s happening in several cities, such as Berlin and Zurich. Even now, a variety of services can be booked through the platform. Customers can use the marketplace to view the profiles of service providers complete with ratings, pictures, and videos, and set up service calls directly through Mila.

At the end of 2013, Mila started a new project: the Swisscom Friends. The Swiss telecommunications company Swisscom was looking for a way to offer its customer service on-demand and learned about Mila’s tech. A short time later, the Swisscom Friends are born: simple service requests like router or TV installation are distributed to local tech experts. The first Friend who accepts the order gets the job.

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The Swisscom Friends model has been well received by enthusiastic customers. This can be seen in the positive customer reviews: a cumulative score of 4.7 out of 5! With the on-demand model, Mila and Swisscom are on the cutting edge of technology. In a rigid service market, this is nothing less than the beginning of a revolution. Service how you want it, when you want it—simply push a button and Mila brings the service to you in under an hour.

A New Start: Joint Venture with Swisscom

2015 was a decisive year for Mila. In December of that year, Mila proudly announced that Swisscom had taken a majority stake in the platform. With this joint venture of Swisscom and Coresystems, the business model has shifted to B2B cooperation with telecom operators and retail and energy companies. Expansion is also planned and a part of the Swisscom team will be on board.

In addition to the company’s success, there’s also competition for various industry prizes. After winning second place in the 2015 Eco-Internet Awards, Mila won the 2015 Prix Idée d’Or, the 2015 Crowd Collaboration Award and the 2016 KVD Service Management Prize.

In Germany, the first spinoff, Vodafone Friends is set up. Other partners are coming soon: the electronics retailer Conrad also relies on Mila, as well as utility giant innogy (previously known as RWE). The crowd in Germany currently counts more than 1,000 tech enthusiasts, while in Switzerland there are several thousand Friends and several hundred Professionals. Mila has also launched in Poland and Austria, and soon the service will be available on-demand in other countries as well.

Integration of Professional Service Providers “Pros”

But it’s not only about Friends. With Coresystems, Mila has a partner with a strong field service management expertise. It was therefore necessary to include professional service providers, or Pros, in the field of electronics and telecommunications in the MIla Ecosystem and to also offer them the possibilities of simple order management. With FSM Light, dispatchers from SMEs can easily manage their orders and gain access to additional service requests with connection to Mila.

Reinvent the Idea of Service

The service market has changed considerably in recent years, and Mila has changed with it. The customer today likes to have service at the push of a button: at a time and place they want it. High quality, but affordable. To offer this to people worldwide is the Mila mission.

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