How to Convince Your Colleagues to Crowdsource Customer Service

In the second season of “Mad Men,” Harry Crane, a forward-thinking mid-level advertising executive, suggests to the head of the agency that they should have a television department. To Harry, TV media was the future of advertising. And you know what? Harry was right. The TV department became the most lucrative department in the agency.

Are you interested in crowdsourced customer service, but your colleagues aren’t? Crowdsourced customer service could help dozens of companies have happier customers, but many have not gone this route yet. But if you, the innovative thinker reading this, pitched the idea to them, they might seriously consider it.

Here are some tips on what to say to:


To start, let your CFO know that on demand crowd customer service will save the company time and money. If your company adopts crowdsourced customer service, the CFO can focus attention and resources on your businesses’ primary goals. While all great companies care about fulfilling their customers’ wishes, smaller customer requests, such as setting up an address book on a smartphone, do not have to be handled by a company’s customer service team. This type of service could easily be taken care of by the crowd.


Your CEO is probably not only juggling a million things at once in an attempt to run the company, but he or she wants to grow the brand and the business. With crowdsourced customer service, the CEO can help the business generate new revenue since regular customer service requests will be dealt with for free. Using you customer base you can offer additional services, and grow the business naturally. The CEO should love that.

The Customer Service Manager

Out of all the people on your team who could benefit the most from crowdsourcing customer service, it’s this person. So selling them should be easy. They’re used to sending out hundreds of emails and live chatting with disgruntled customers online and via phone all day.

What if their expertise at customer relations could be used for solving bigger problems, instead of fixing small ones? Having crowdsourced customer service, customers are happy since this means they get extra personalized service in their home, and don’t have to try to explain their problems via phone or email.

The Marketing Manager

One of the best things about social media for marketers is that it turns customers into brand ambassadors. Let’s just say that crowdsourced customer service breeds brand ambassadors on steroids. These members of the crowd are so invested in your company that they’ve decided to become experts at the workings of the product you sell. This also means that they are passionate about what your brand has to offer. This innovative form of customer service has even the potential to substitute part of your marketing in the future.

The Strategy Manager

Strategy Managers want to be ahead of the competition, and are constantly hunting down new strategies for business. So why not give this one to them for free? Crowdsourced customer service is definitely a new trend that’s here to stay, so let your Strategy Manager know that crowdsourcing customer service means staying ahead of the curve, which is always a great strategy.


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